Arash Rahbar
Olympian IFBB Pro Classic Physique

I started bodybuilding in my early teens after seeing movies and pictures of Arnold, Sylvester and Hulk Hogan.

I immediately became addicted to making changes in my body and watching it form into physique I had in my minds eye. It became a tremendous part of my life that I could not let go! In 2014 I competed in Men`s physique where I was lucky enough to win overall. I followed that up with a 12th place finish 2 weeks later at Team Universe and then placed overall the Pittsburgh Championships where I turned pro. I did 3 pro shows (Pittsburgh Pro 10th, NY Pro 5th, Puerto Rico Pro 2nd) not qualifying for the Olympia. THEN, Classic Physique was announced! After doing a back flip and qualifying for the 2016 Olympia where I placed 2nd. I am currently preparing for the 2017 Olympia.

Favourite Workout

I just love training every body part but if I had to pick one exercise I'd say Dumbbell Flies for chest

Current Workout Playlist
Rock, House, Hip Hop

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