Femi Billyrose
IFBB Pro San Marino Pro champion and Olympia qualifier.

Discipline is the fuel for success

Fitness has always been a big interest in Billys life and from a young age. He played football as a child and was a talented athletic runner dominating the 100 and 200 meter sprint. This didn’t satisfy him because as good as he was, he felt too skinny at 65kg. Not happy with the way he looked, he started weight training and his love of bodybuilding was created. Since then he has been passionate about sculpting his body and competing in numerous competitions to show his unique physique, and notoriety as a gladiator. Billys physique also dominated his class when he took first place at his debut Pro show winning him his Pro card and a ticket to Olympia. Billy has spent years learning about nutrition in order to further improve his knowledge and find the optimize balance that will further improve his physique and performance, not only himself but his many fitness clients too.