Frank Metzler
Natural Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique

Motivation is what gets you started. Routine is what keeps you going.

Frank has always been very interested in sports. In addition to playing football and going to swimming practice he was an ambitious middle and long-distance runner, winning a bunch of regional championships. Although training with weights, building up muscles was not possible because of his extensive cardiovascular workout. While majoring in sports at university, Frank was able to gather all the scientific information he needed about training and nutrition, which he could later apply to his job as personal trainer. In the meantime, since he quit running his training successes have skyrocketed.

Fascinated by the adaptability of the human body, he pushes his limits every day. Using banned substances is an absolute taboo for him. In his second year as a competitive bodybuilder, Frank became German Champion of the GNBF and Vice World Champion in 2017. By becoming the first German natural Mr. Olympia he has secured himself a Pro Card in the Physique Class.