Isaac Francis
UK Nationals Junior Men’s Physique Champion and Runner-up at Arnolds Europe 2017

If you’re going to do something do it with all your might or don’t bother at all

Isaac grew up playing sports from a young age. Growing up in Ireland, it’s common to play multiple sports as a child. This instilled in him a very competitive nature. Isaac was actively involved in basketball and athletics at a high level, frequently making it to the All-Ireland Finals in both sports. At the age of 17, however, Isaac sustained an injury to his Achilles tendon which stopped his basketball and athletics pursuits for more than six months. During this period he moved from Ireland to the UK to pursue a degree in biomedical science at university, with the goal of eventually becoming a doctor. Whilst in the UK he took out his first gym membership and started learning about ways to training effectively, finding his passion for training again. After two years of training consistently in the gym Isaac was persuaded to enter a bodybuilding competition, something he knew nothing about. He didn’t place at his first show, but this made him hungrier to compete. He therefore decided to go all in and as a result had to juggle multiple jobs with university to finance his prep. Since then he has achieved top placings at major shows around the world. Now aged 21, Isaac’s goal is to graduate from university and also earn an IFBB pro card in Men’s Physique which would make him the youngest IFBB pro athlete in the UK.