Lily Neu
WBFF World's Bikini Champion, Personal Trainer and model

“Mentally prepared is already a step towards winning"

Although being the mother of a 14-year-old boy limits her freedom and the time she can dedicate to her ambitions, Lily still manages to train every day while working as a professional model and graphic designer. Thanks to her qualification as a professional chef, she has also penned a soon-to-be-published recipe book of healthy dishes, in addition to providing guidance and training to clients who dream of transformation or want to improve themselves physically as well as mentally.

Originally from Columbia, Lily is a former gymnast and semi-pro kite-surfing athlete whose endorphin fix has always revolved around physical challenges. Aged 36, her followers include many women and girls inspired and motivated by her drive to make age just a number and lifestyle something attainable by anyone who wants it.

In August 2017 Lily competed in her first contest, the WBFF World Bikini Diva in London, and immediately achieved first place. Now, as a WBFF PRO and World Champion, she puts her success down to her disciplined training and nutrition program, which to her was completely natural.