Michael Schmidt
German Overall Champion Natural Bodybuilding

A few years back, nobody at school would have thought that the smallest kid in the class would one day be called “Big Mike” by his friends. 

Taking part in competitive gymnastics as a young boy formed the foundation for his coordination skills and the control over muscular processes that would play an important role in Micha’s future bodybuilding career. But how do you get from gymnastics to bodybuilding? In Micha’s case, the decisive factor was his father. His passion for weight training was infectious: with flat bench and pull-up bar in the weights room he had set up in the loft of their own home, he introduced his son to the world of bodybuilding. Over the years, numerous training sessions in the gym reinforced what once started in the loft. Michael soon realised that bodybuilding was the sport that suited him perfectly both physically and mentally while instilling in him a passion that made the sport not only a hobby but a way of life.

Michael has now been pursuing the practice of natural bodybuilding for more than 11 years, familiarising himself intently with all its various aspects. During his career, he has also competed successfully. Having obtained his pro licence in 2018, he is now set to take on new challenges in the future. Michael is a full-time police officer and when off-duty works as a coach at a local gym.