Iso100 Hydrolyzed

Iso100 Hydrolyzed
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Iso100 Hydrolyzed

Art.-Nr. 25181001
amount per portion
25 g
5,7 g
2,7 g
Product description

─ World’s best selling isolate before and after training! ─
Everyone looking for a lean and powerful physique knows about the challenge of optimizing muscle growth and assuring the right caloric intake for your physique goals. This requires highest product quality, providing the right quantity of high quality protein with as little surplus calories as possible.

ISO100 HYDROLYZED is a super premium combination of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and whey protein isolate – the most advanced formula from DYMATIZE. Through enzymatic hydrolysis whey protein isolate is broken down into amino acid chains, which makes it easy to digest. ISO100 HYDROLYZED is a perfect choice after and even before exhausting workouts. Free from sugar and fat it’s super lean with less than 116 kcal per serving when mixed with water.


  • World’s best selling isolate*
  • “Award winning isolate” five years in a row (2013-2017)**
  • 25 g of whey protein isolate per serving
  • Each serving contains 5,6–5,8 g BCAAs including 2,6–2,7 g of the key amino acid L-Leucine, depending on flavour
  • Free from sugar and fat and less than 116 kcal per serving (mixed with water)
  • Free from gluten
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Banned substance tested by “Informed-Choice” for athletes’ assurance and highest product quality


*World´s best-selling isolate (best-selling 100% whey protein isolate at vitaminshoppe.com, gnc.com, BodyBuilding.com and Independent Sports Nutrition Retailers. The biggest sports nutrition stores within the world´s biggest sports nutrition market – USA // Source: Euromonitor International 2015, Dymatize Customer Sales 2017)

**Isolate Protein Of The Year awarded by BodyBuilding.com

Nutrition Information
  per 100g per portion (30g*)
Energy kJ (kcal)

1523 (359) 

472 (111) 


1,6 g 

0,5 g 

of which saturates

0,8 g 

0,3 g 


2,7 g 

0,8 g 

of which sugars

1,9 g 

0,6 g 


81 g 

25 g


1,4 g 

0,42 g  

Naturally occuring amino acid profile: 
  per 100g per portion (30g*)


4,7 g

1,5 g


8,7 g 

2,7 g


4,9 g

1,5 g


4,0 g

1,2 g


2,0 g

611 mg

L-Aspartic acid 

8,7 g 

2,7 g


1,7 g 

539 mg 

L-Glutamic acid

15 g

4,5 g


1,3 g

406 g


7,7 g

2,4 g


1,4 g

436 mg


1,8 g

563 mg


2,5 g 769 mg


4,6 g 1,4 g


3,9 g 1,2 g


5,5 g 

1,7 g


1,2 g

385 mg


2,2 g 679 mg

* per 31 g in 215 ml (7 oz) water ** essential amino acids 
Sum of BCAAs (L-Valine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine): 18 g (5,7 g per serving)


Hydrolized whey protein isolate (milk) (47%), whey protein isolate (milk) (44%), fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, soy lecithin), salt, flavourings, flavour enhancer (potassium chloride), sweetener (sucralose)

Suggested Usage
  • 1-2 portions per day. Enjoy prior to workouts, after workouts or anytime you desire a high-protein drink.
  • As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • For Smooth Banana, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Gourmet Vanilla:
    Mixing instructions: Add 1 scoop (included) to 150-180 ml (5-6 oz) of water and mix thoroughly.
  • For Gourmet Chocolate, Fudge Brownie, Birthday Cake, Orange Ice Cream, Chocolate Peanut:
    Mixing instructions: Add 1 scoop (included) to 215 ml (7 oz) of water and mix thoroughly. 

All Dymatize products which hold the Informed-Choice certification have been tested for banned substances by the world-class sports anti-doping lab LGC. In addition, Informed-Choice ensures that all products have been manufactured to high quality standards and are safer for athletes to use.