Workout motivation: how to end that dry spell

Get out of your workout rut! 3 helpful tips

You know exactly what you want: progress.
You normally enjoy training hard and striving for success.
You’ve simply lost sight of that lately and can’t quite find the motivation to train.

At the same time, you find the idea of pizza and a cold beer much more appealing than rice, broccoli and chicken. This makes rediscovering your motivation to work out even more important – you just need a nudge in the right direction. Keep reading: we’ll help you refocus on your six pack!


Reflect and vary

When workout motivation abandons you, first ask yourself: why? Has working out become too boring? Are the exercises you enjoyed doing just a few weeks ago no longer doing it for you? Understand the following: 

Firstly, the journey is the destination. You can only reach your goals if you train hard regularly. Every session, every repetition brings you closer. 

Secondly, there’s more than one way to cook an egg, so add a bit of variety to your regime and refresh your fitness motivation! Discover new exercises that specifically target the body parts you are currently focusing on or review your training plan and completely rework it. Can’t muster the will to train after work? Get up earlier and fit in a morning workout. Bored of volume training? Try high-intensity workouts instead. It will seriously challenge you and your muscles plus, during the recovery period, you can use your newfound free time for other things. 

Tip no. 1: Define your training plan as well as your muscles – keep it interesting!


A diet to be enjoyed

You know the saying, “you are what you eat” (and drink). Of course you already tailor your diet towards effective muscle development – however, that doesn’t mean you have to eat the same thing every day. With choices ranging from meat and fish to rice, vegetables, plant oils and fat, as well as fruit, dairy and oats, there is no excuse for fast food. Ultimately, when it comes to conjuring up a strong>variety of delicious meals from good, wholesome ingredients, the possibilities are endless. Be creative and take inspiration from food blogs or cookbooks aimed at bodybuilders like yourself. The same goes for your shakes: mix them with juice or try new flavours – there’s more than just vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Variety not only works wonders for motivation and dedication; you’ll soon see that, alongside training, even the right nutrition can lift your spirits! And so, our next tip:

Tip no. 2: Think outside the box – variety rocks!


Body and team building

Ok, your workout is now varied and you’re eating and drinking well. If your workout motivation is still lacking, maybe you need someone else to kick you into gear and out of your fitness rut. This could be a training partner or a personal trainer for example. Even if you see yourself as more of a lone wolf when it comes to working out it’s worth giving it a go.

Find someone who you can meet up to train with every now and again. Even if it only works out once a month, you can measure your success not only against yourself but also in comparison to your partner. You’ll want to at least match them in terms of progress, so you will naturally push each other to reach peak performance and gym motivation levels. On top of this, of course, you need to stay on the ball – skipping a session for no good reason is simply not an option. This is the only way to make sure your workout motivation has absolutely no chance of waning.

The personal trainer route costs money, but can give you that extra kick you need to reboot your workout motivation. A personal trainer can help you to establish new workouts and modify your fitness regime. Maybe they will discover weaknesses that you didn’t know you had – an incentive to keep pushing so that you soon see results.

Tip no. 3: Training? Together, not alone!

And now: to the gym! It’s called body building after all!